New Here?

Remedy Church is all about Connecting Disconnected People to Jesus

Community impact

We want to be a force for good in our community. We believe this happens through service and outreach. Maybe you've seen us around cleaning up the neighborhood. Maybe you've seen us out wearing our t-shirts and telling people that Jesus is the only Remedy for the brokenness in our world. Maybe you saw a sign, or someone handed you a card. We believe our actions and attitudes in the community are used by God to make an impact in your life!

Sunday morning = jesus experience

What type of God would motivate people to go out and spend significant time, energy, and resources connecting and doing good in the community? We hope you see Jesus as the answer to that when you are with us on Sunday mornings. The radical grace, forgiveness, and meaning that Jesus gives to our lives is intentionally weaved into the lyrics of the songs we sing, the prayers we pray, the message we share, and everything we do on Sunday morning. Plus, as we experience Jesus, we find He compels us outwards to share that same gift with our neighbors and community!

planting churches

God is bringing a revitalization to Christianity in America through planting churches. More people are being impacted in more places, and we are a perfect example of that! A church in Woodbury saw the need in Cottage Grove, which saw the need in Oakdale, so here we are! We want to continue the passion for the Twin Cities by continuing to plant churches as God calls and sends us out.